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December 7, 2015

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Philip D Moeller as a US-based Non-Executive Director of LNGL as of December 7, 2015.

Former Commissioner Philip Moeller left the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in
October 2015 as the second-longest serving member in the history of FERC.  He left office as the only person in the federal government in a Senate-confirmed position who was nominated  by both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

While serving on the Commission he focused on policies that encourage the construction of  additional  electric  transmission  and  interstate  natural  gas  infrastructure  and  policies  promoting well-functioning wholesale markets.  He was a national leader in promoting  improved coordination between the electric industry and the natural gas industries as the  United  States  moves  toward  burning  significantly  more  natural  gas  to  meet  electricity  demand.

Prior to serving on the Commission he headed the Washington office of Alliant Energy, worked  in the Washington office of Calpine Corporation, and served on the Washington, D.C. staff of  Senator Slade Gorton from his home state of Washington.  Previously he was the staff  coordinator  of  the  Washington  State  Senate  Energy,  Utilities  and  Telecommunications  Committee in Olympia, Washington.

LNGL Chairman Richard Beresford said “We are honoured to have someone of Philip’s recent  energy regulatory and US Government background join the LNGL Board.  His experience and  knowledge of US Government policy and interaction with other key Government Departments  will  be  very  important  in  achieving  the  Company’s  growth  ambitions.  Being based  in  Washington DC will also enable him to interact regularly with our corporate and project teams  in Houston.”

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