Make the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Accountable to Americans

Petition to Government Accountability Office (GAO)

“The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) is a demonstrably biased agency that has become a partner with, rather than a regulator of, the pipeline companies it purports to oversee.  FERC is misusing legal loopholes and ignoring court orders to advance gas infrastructure projects, while preventing affected and concerned communities from participating in the process.  The agency is funded 100% by the industry it regulates, and a revolving employee door between FERC and its regulated community feeds the agency’s bias and abuse of power.”

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network has started a petition to ask key members of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to please request that the Government Accountability Office conduct an independent investigation into FERC in order to inform Congress and the public about the many abuses taking place at the agency, and to help identify needed reforms that will transform FERC into an agency seeking to protect and serve the public rather than the natural gas pipeline industry.

Sign the petition

Submit information about an abuse of power you have experienced with your pipeline, or join the subcommittee that will be working to pull together and advance this dossier.

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