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Revealed: Contractors Hired by FERC to Review a New Spectra Energy Pipeline Work for Spectra on a Related Project

By Itai Vardi
May 26, 2016

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  1. Robert Godfrey

    The article does not disclose another disturbing practice: applicants nominate the contractors. The obvious question becomes, “would applicants nominate contractors to FERC who might be critical of the applicant’s project?” More likely, the contractors are selected because they would look favorably at the proposed project, and would result in writing a favorable Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

    The Downeast LNG EIS is an example of this exact problem. EIS preparers intentionally omitted from the EIS numerous conditions that reflected poorly on the proposed project, even though those problems had been brought forward multiple times on the FERC docket. Did FERC staff correct those omissions? No.

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