Make the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Accountable to Americans

Revealed: Ex-FERC Commissioner’s Multiple Rulings Favored Energy Companies His Wife Lobbied For

By Itai Vardi
August 22, 2016

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  1. Robert Godfrey

    I sent the following to Maine US Senator Angus King:

    Dear Sen. King,

    The [referenced] news article regarding FERC Commissioner ethics violations — and possible law violations — points to yet another reason why the Department of Justice should be taking FERC to task, and why Congress should reform FERC. FERC’s mandate is public interest, not industry interest, but FERC acts in the industry’s interest at the public’s and environment’s expense.

    The article also points to FERC’s flawed contract personnel procedure, where contracted personnel (nominated and paid directly by applicants) have obvious conflicts of interest.

    I am asking that you craft legislation to:

    1) Prohibit the revolving door that FERC Commissioners currently and frequently flow through, requiring a 5-year cooling off period;

    2) Prohibit FERC from contracting staff who have any relationship with any company regulated by, or engaged in, FERC permitting (“mitigating” such conflicts is a dirty word); and

    3) When FERC does contract staff, legislation should prohibit applicants from nominating the contractors from which FERC selects the contract staff who work on the applicant’s permit application, as is the current practice.

    Please forward this email to the US Department of Justice, since this issue supports the list of eight legal complaints against FERC you previously forwarded on our behalf to the DOJ.

    Thank you, and best regards,


    Robert Godfrey
    researcher, news aggregator & webmaster
    Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance
    (US • Passamaquoddy • Canada)
    PO Box 222
    Eastport, ME 04631
    (207)853-2922 (my office at Old Sow Publishing)

  2. Robert Godfrey

    As of 2016 November 2, we have received NO RESPONSE from Sen. Angus King regarding our request for legislation to reign in FERC or for DOJ action against our list of FERC’s law violations.

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