Make the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Accountable to Americans
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Urge Congress to Investigate FERC

Unique Opportunity to Stop Fracked Gas Pipelines Being Approved by FERC
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On January 26 FERC Chairman Norman Bay submitted his resignation to go into effect as of February 3rd.  On that date there will be only two approved FERC Commissioners.  This means there will not exist the quorum necessary to approve any gas pipelines and grant FERC approval/Certification.
If we can keep Congress from appointing any new Commissioners to FERC we will stop them in their tracks and keep them from abusing any more communities with their pro-industry bias.
While the industry and FERC are held at bay, Congress should be holding hearings investigating the abuses of power and law inflicted by FERC and identifying, and putting in place, much needed reforms.  Once the reforms are in place, it will be appropriate to consider FERC Commissioner appointments – but not until that time.
Click on the link below to write, directly and immediately, your Senator and Congressional Representative – urge them to hold the line to protect communities across America by saying “NO” to appointment of any new FERC Commissioners and instead to hold congressional hearings investigating the abuses of power and law demonstrated, day after day, by FERC and its Commissioners.
Consider also giving your Representative a call – you can find phone numbers for Congress at:
Simply say – “I urge you to prevent appointment of any new Commissioners to FERC.  This is a demonstrably biased agency running rough shod over states’ rights and citizens’ rights, and until congress holds a hearing on their abuses of power FERC should not have the power to approve any more fracked gas pipeline projects.”
Send your letter and learn more by clicking HERE
Follow the Stop the Pipelines Facebook Page to learn when we will have an official call in day to jam their phone lines.  But for now, we need to get rolling so please write and call asap.

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