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Outgoing FERC Chair Norman Bay Issues Statement

On February 3, 2017, outgoing FERC Chair Norman Bay issued a statement that contains some useful information and good advice for FERC. You can read Mr. Bay’s statement here beginning on physical page 90 (confusingly numbered page “1” because it’s the first page of the statement). Here’s an excerpt:

Even if not required by NEPA, in light of the heightened public interest and in the interests of good government, I believe the Commission should analyze the environmental effects of increased regional gas production from the Marcellus and Utica [shale regions]….Where it is possible to do so, the Commission should also be open to analyzing the downstream impacts of the use of natural gas and to performing a life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions study, both of which DOE has conducted in issuing permits for LNG exports. This information may be of use to the Commission, the public, and industry in examining the broader issues raised in certification proceedings.

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