Make the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Accountable to Americans

Welcome to Fix FERC, the citizen-driven effort to decouple the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from giant oil and gas corporations.

What can you do?

  • Please, please SHARE this site and spread the word.
  • SIGN THE PETITION! Every time someone signs the petition, the President, congressmen, and the Inspector General of Department of Energy receives a notice in their inbox.
  • Inform yourself via the information pages listed under “Essential Reading” at right. Also, scroll down the blog posts to see how FERC is affecting Americans.
  • Write your congressmen: ask them to listen to constituents, not just oil and gas lobbyists. Ask your federal Senators and Representatives to take a stand to fix FERC.
  • It is election season. Ask your candidates for federal office to take a stand. Be persistent.
  • Tell us who is willing to take a stand. We would like to support them.

Here is the petition:

We call on our Federal Legislators, the President, and the Inspector General of Department Of Energy to:

  • Conduct an INVESTIGATION by independent researchers of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) procedures.
  • Based on investigation results, REVISE and UPDATE FERC’s POLICIES to reflect the critical need to decrease fossil fuel reliance and rapidly expand renewable energy technologies.
  • Enact a MORATORIUM on new fossil fuel infrastructure approvals by FERC until the investigation is complete and changes are implemented.

Sign this petition online.

Want to do more? Request a PDF version of the petition so you can collect more signatures from your community.  It is very easy.  Let’s make sure our federal officials take notice!